Article reviews

Just like book reviews, article reviews present a critique of an article that evaluates the article’s purpose and how well it addresses such a purpose. Article reviews are common requirements in courses such as nursing, management, psychology, sociology and other disciplines. In reviewing an article, the reviewer identifies whether the article’s author has a clearly defined purpose and whether the approach and evidence presented in the article meets such a purpose.

Article reviews require the student to be knowledgeable in a number of skills. Firstly, article reviews require the student to be conversant with different types of studies such as qualitative and quantitative studies. Depending on the type of the study, a reviewer will then be able to elucidate whether the author has employed the needed study design (e.g. experimental, non-experimental and quasi experimental) to meet the study’s purpose. Knowledge of the respective study designs and their implications is also necessary in assessing the conclusions made by the author. Study design for instance limits the extent to which the author can generalize findings from the study to a larger population.

Article reviews also require the student to assess whether the article’s author has reviewed relevant literature. In evaluating whether the reviewed literature is relevant, the student needs to check whether the literature is current and credible. Apart from the literature reviewed, the student needs to evaluate the methodology to identify whether appropriate procedure to meet the purpose and ethical implications was provided. Apart from such parts, the article review also involves assessing the suitability of results presentation, data-analysis methods used and conclusions made. Ultimately, the article reviews assesses the implication of the study in respect to future studies and the discipline that the article is based upon.

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